Saturday, 20 October 2012

Further on California

I will round off my tour through the highly diverse agriculture of California, in an attempt to get up to date with blogger. I have been hosted by various people for the past few days, so the blog takes second place to stimulating conversation and company.
Following the almonds, I had some very interesting and varied meetings, everything from a Seed Central event at UC Davis, to citrus production, remote sensing technology relaying real time moisture readings, (prioritising by need, and or economic return, irrigation and other management functions), seed producers, vegetable and turf production and lots of miles on the road.
It was certainly a whirlwind visit, and I'm sure I failed to make the most of my time, however I take lessons from the diversity and ingenuity of the producers and processors. The climate and soils certainly assist, in places the rainfall is only around 150 mm, however where there is irrigation, there always seems to be heated discussion (at best) over water rights and security.
As I drove north into Oregon, the population density of California is highlighted by contrast, the country towns are once again small towns, where locals occasionally lock their cars in the street as they meet and have a burger for lunch. The air is once again clear, the views crisp and frosty mornings a reminder that the winter is fast approaching.

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