Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hong Kong

Flew from Manila to Hong Kong, the contrast between the two airports was huge.
Hong Kong airport is a huge structure, the flow of people was smooth and efficient, enhancing the sense of space.
After a bus ride to the hotel, a quick turnaround was needed to get to Rabo Bank in time for our meeting!
The message delivered was, in many ways, what we hear at home. However it's amazing what a difference context makes, sitting in an office in Hong Kong, talking about the growth and changing spending patterns of an increasing middle class.
The food security message has been a constant all week, and its very convincing when you are surrounded by such a mass of humanity.
The risk of ignoring it is too great.....

Hong Kong is an incredible place, we got such a quick glimpse.
I'm sure the shopping opportunity was totally wasted on me, sorry Fi!!!

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